narrative feature, 2021

produced with support from Telefilm's Talent to Watch programme

dir. Chandler Levack

I Like Movies is a coming of age dramatic comedy, set in the suburbs of Toronto in 2003 about a teenaged cinephile named Lawrence who gets a job at a corporate video store in his final year of high school. Wracked with anxiety about his future, Lawrence takes out his frustrations on his best friend Matt Macarchuck, single mom Terri, and his store manager Alana, before a painful coming of age forces him to realize that he is a pretentious asshole.

status: pre-production


TV documentary, 2020

produced with the support of Inside Out and OUTtv's OUTspoken grant

dir. Tricia Hagoriles

The Archivist is a portrait of Sur Rodney (Sur)’s work as a queer, black, Canadian who moved from Montreal to post-Stonewall New York and began his career in arts and activism. Through his own words, Sur excavates the layers of his life to reveal how the intersections of his identity have informed his work and activism.


status: pre-production


poetic short & music video, 2020

dir. Kevan Funk

dop. Peter Hadfield, Rico Moran, John Ker

co-producers. Dan Montgomery, Candice Napoleone

Palimpsest is a hybrid of music video and narrative film form, unfolding in two chapters. The project features music from Charlotte Day Wilson’s forthcoming album and presents a collage-like biography interweaving documentary, fiction and performance elements.

status: in-production


narrative short, 2019

genre: sci-fi body horror

production company: L x L 

dir. Grace Sloan

dop. Laura Vallado

prod design. Jessie Chaffin, Kristen Delgado

The year is 2080 and Earth is uninhabitable. A young scientist, Zadie, goes to Earth to do her routine radiation tests when a yoga-practice-gone-wrong triggers a fight or flight reaction. 

status: post-production


narrative short, 2019

genre: high school revenge thriller

production company: Mulberry Jam Productions

post-production enhancement generously donated by the Canadian Film Centre's Netflix Enhancement fund

dir. Jamy Steele

dop. Leo Keonid

prod design. Jessy Crupi

Four private school girls discuss how best to handle their local predator - the girls’ science teacher.

status: post-production


narrative short, 2019

genre: family drama / horror

production company: CFC

dir. Andrew Jeffrey

dop. Jackson Parrell

Misha's only daughter, June, is very sick. After five days at home, June's school reports her absence to the state, prompting agents from the Bureau of Order and Safety to investigate the nature of  June's illness.

status: festival circulation

Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 9.29.51 PM.png

documentary feature, 2019

dir. Lulu Wei

co-producer. Ali Weinstein

Filmmaker Lulu Wei sets out to document the redevelopment of the historic Honest Ed’s block she calls home, as a way to pay homage to its cultural heritage, and to understand the problems of development and gentrification in Toronto—problems that end up hitting closer to home than expected.

status: festival circulation

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